Emerging and Founder-Led Companies

42law emerges as a seasoned legal guide for diverse companies, from budding startups to pioneering industry leaders.

We have been leaders in venture capital since 2009.

As our clientele innovate, launching groundbreaking products and ideas, we’re at their side, devising ingenious solutions that often set industry precedents. Our strength lies in our deep understanding of founders and their visionary enterprises.

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    Comprehensive expertise in diverse, rapidly-evolving industries.
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    Tailored, business-centric solutions for specific client objectives.
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    Deep insights into market trends and advanced legal techniques.
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    Hands-on advisory roles with founders, stakeholders, and senior management.
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Setting you up for success

Our job is to lay the basis for successful entreneurship.

Answers come first

We get paid for clear, actionable advice, not for writing 20 page-memos.

Understand the deal
Strong business acumen and entrepreneurial thinking are the basis of our work.
Know the law
We’ve been university lecturers on corporate law for more than 10 years.  ’nuff said.
Fixed Price
Fixed fees

Lawyers who know what they’re doing can quote a fixed price.  We certainly can.

We really do walk the walk.

Here are a few things we consider best practice when working on deals.

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    Working 100% paperless from drafting the term sheet to circulating the closing set.
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    Going beyond boilerplate language at the term sheet-level and really dealing with crucial items early on
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    Taking ownership of the cap table, because this is where we create value in structuring the deal
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    Controlling the drafts – you will have such a better experience, if we do the drafting.  Trust us!
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    Avoiding 4 hour-long, open-ended conferences with opposing counsel, in favor of agenda-based calls
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    Helping with messaging, even on commercial terms, to facilitate a smooth and constructive conversation

Business moves fast. We do, too.

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