Thousands of bad contracts
are shredded every day

You can help!
Transactions & Corporate Law

No fluff, results first.  We provide commercial and effective deal advice to buyers & sellers, investors & founders.

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Technology Law
We have four software developers on our team.  Need we say more?  We get technology law.
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Migration Law

Business and personal migration – we’re pretty much the most experienced team in the market.

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Real Estate
Real Estate

We love property transactions and are passionate about helping buyers and sellers close their deals.

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Looking to bring an employee to Austria?

42migration is here for you.

We successfully automated the process of RWR-card and Blue-card applications. Bringing an employee from abroad is easier than ever now.

Person packing an Austrian passport into the travelling bag

Interested? Meet our team!

We’re not an army, we’re a squad …

Go, efficiency!  Meet our small and highly effective team!

How We Work

How we work ...

Is there a method to the madness?

Not just one.  At 42law, we do things very differently.

Drop us a note and get a quote or a callback in no time at all.

A truly commercial approach
& spectacular value for money

42law is probably the most innovative law firm that you have come across
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We’ve been 100% paperless since 2008.

No exceptions.

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We’re native speakers of German, English and Russian.

(with a sprinkle of Javascript)

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We’re probably better at Excel than you.

(aka: we get numbers)

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We’re all about efficiency and saving you money.

Really: no fluff!

Why 42law?

We know how to get things done.

If you’re looking for an attack dog to sue the heck out of your competition and derail them with a prolonged, unforgiving court battle – then we’re not your guys.

But if you want to move your business forward and upward, to create value for yourself, your team and your customers, we should have lunch (or a call).

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    We consistently overindex on responsiveness.
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    We underindex on hard-to-read legalese.
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    We love what law can do for a business, not the traditional self-image of lawyers.
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    We love the energy of people running their own businesses.

Is this allowed?

Contrary to popular belief, lawyers are not legally required to dress in fancy suits and hide behind complicated sentence structures.

We have memos and case law
to back this up!

Signing, then closing? Aim higher!

Negotiating contracts doesn’t need to be painful.
A good contract is a point of sale.