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42law is probably the most innovative law firm that you have come across
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We’ve been 100% paperless since 2008.

No exceptions.

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We’re native speakers of German, English and Russian.

(with a sprinkle of Javascript)

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We’re probably better at Excel than you.

(aka: we get numbers)

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We’re all about efficiency and saving you money.

Really: no fluff!

Our Innovative System

What has come to be known as the “42law System” is our model for developing talent, incentivizing collaboration and client service, and building long-term relationships of trust.

Our partners come from the ranks of our own associates. We recruit the most promising students from a diverse array of excellent law schools, and we provide our associates with rigorous and expansive training.

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    Rotating associates through practice areas enhances their knowledge and adaptability, leading to innovative and consistently high-quality lawyers.
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    We emphasize teamwork, as complex legal matters demand collaborative problem-solving by skilled professionals.
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    Compensation is structured to reward firmwide success, fostering a client-centric approach and deep investment in understanding client objectives.
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    Our methods ensure top-tier client service, excellence in legal practice, and a collaborative, inclusive workplace.
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    A partnership of diverse, well-trained lawyers is the best approach for addressing our clients’ legal needs and business challenges.

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