Client Expectations

Few products are harder to shop for than legal services.

Due to confidentiality obligations, the relative uniqueness of most projects, and specialist knowledge needed to assess the quality of legal services, the true value of what the client bought often only reveals itself years later, when disagreement between the parties arises. For a law firm to develop in an intransparent market, the easiest way would be to offer exceptionally low fees.

Our firm does not compete on the price point and rather chooses to grow selectively in areas of strategic importance to our clients. We compete solely on the quality and practicality of our solutions, supreme client service and spectacular value for money.

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42law is Europe’s first corporate law firm operating on a 100% paperless basis. The efficiency gains are spectacular, the waste is zero, and our team and clients love it.

We abandoned hourly rates and work exclusively on fixed fee arrangements. No exceptions Except if the client insists otherwise. We believe that if you truly know your product, you have to be able to quote a definitive price.

We optimized our IT infrastructure, eliminated on-site servers and switched entirely to encrypted cloud storage. We study and apply state of the art-software not normally used by law firms, and cooperate closely with leaders in document automation.

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The future of our firm rests on the training of our associates.

We only hire graduates with exceptional commitment to learning, demonstrated commercial aptitude, an international profile and supreme dedication to client service.

Upon joining the firm, associates choose one of the firm’s main areas of practice, to which the associate will primarily contribute for a period of time. At the end of that period, the associate will be reassigned to another practice area, acquiring new skills and broadening her expertise. This rotation system makes ours exceptionally versatile attorneys, apt to counsel their clients on a variety of commercial matters.

In order to promote our associates’ development, 42law has implemented a unique incentive scheme for associates. In quarterly meetings, each associate commits to a career-advancing milestone of the associate’s own choosing, which should not be directly correlated with the firm’s business objectives. Examples include measurable progression in a secondary course of study, the publication of an article or a lecture given at a conference. Upon achievement of the objective, the associate will receive a pre-defined bonus and will choose a new objective to work on over the next three months.

International Profile

All our clients’ businesses cross national borders and 42law is uniquely positioned to offer truly international legal advice.

Our team has picked up bar admissions, law degrees and several years of work experience in more than six countries, including the U.S., the U.K., Germany and Austria. As a result, we are naturally sensitive to differences between legal systems, and can ask targeted questions, better assess risks and achieve faster results.

Each of our attorneys speaks at least two languages at native level. We’ve seen clients win or lose fortunes, based on the meaning of a single word. We love language and firmly believe that reliable, creative and practical contracts require perfect language proficiency.

The firm’s Teaching engagements also reflect our international profile.


With some projects, legal advice really benefits from the lawyers’ industry experience. Among the regulated industries we know very well are financial services providers, PE and VC funds, retailers, online businesses and the gambling sector. But we’re naturally curious, so we have to ask:

What do YOU do?