As a student trainee or associate at 42law, you’ll systematically rotate through different practice areas. With our guidance, you’ll craft a rotation plan aligning with your preferences. This experience will help determine your law speciality, ensuring versatility and vision.

Mandatory rotations include stints in corporate law, M&A and tech law. Your remaining time can be in two to three specialities or just one. We offer rotations through areas like:

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    Startups and Founder-Led Businesses
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    Corporate Governance
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    Data Security and Privacy
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    Private Equity
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    Intellectual Property
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    Investment Management and Funds
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    Mergers and Acquisitions
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    Technology Law
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Throughout each rotation, you’ll work closely with a senior lawyer, who will mentor and review your progress, ensuring active participation in group tasks and offering regular feedback. This ensures consistent growth in your legal skills.

Given our growing international practice and recently opened India desk, we are striving to make available work opportunities abroad to all team members. Client secondment opportunities also exist, though they’re subject to business needs.

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