Banking and FinTech

In light of their strategic importance for the parties involved and often accelerated timelines, banking and finance-deals require seamless, efficient execution and leave no room for error. Years of transactional experience in the world’s financial hubs, combined with in-depth knowledge of local law and practice, have contributed to 42law’s reputation as a trusted partner in this sensitive field. True to our attorneys’ international profile, we are working as an integrated part of our clients’ cross-border legal teams.

Our clients include some of the largest financial institutions and leading innovators in the industry. As a result of their ongoing work on complex, regulatory projects, our lawyers have a sophisticated understanding of the financial sector, and can offer tailored, practical representation and strategic advice.

In recent years, we have represented Austrian and European corporates in a variety of lending transactions, including investment grade and non-investment grade credit facilities, acquisition and project financings, debt restructurings and countless growth finance-deals. Additionally, as more and more financial institutions forfeit purely land-based operations and explore online business opportunities, we are among the first legal advisors with significant experience regarding new license models, particularly in the payment services-field.

42law: Fixing deals, Not Libor.